July 2021

We need online marketing experts

Hi there, hope you are doing well. We need some online marketing experts to join in our team. If you can show a good result- the job will be permanent for you.

Your first month duties :
1# Find some websites, where peoples sales there items. For examples- you can find some marketplaces where peoples sales there items.
2# Send a email or message to the seller. You need to send 2000 (For first month and the number will increase in next month)
3#You need to find clients, who needs to complete there project. Invite them and let them know that- AndFreelancer is an opensource marketplace and they can post there jobs for free!

4#We will add some others simple task.

Education: Whatever education background you have! We don’t care.
Experience: You just need to have skills to use social media accounts to handle and searching marketplace. You need to signup and able to know that, how to send message or collect there contacts information’s and send a copy to them.

Please submit your proposal and budget.

Thanks for reading
Andfreelancer Team


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